WH Petition to Investigate HAARP, CHEMTRAILS, and...

Editor's Note:This was originally posted in my Oilfield Tech And Stuff blog by accident. It was originally intended for this blog. It is right up Adam Curry's alley! I didn't read to see if he authored it, but it was probably a NA listener...

Not sure what they are trying to accomplish with this petition...if this is really going on, do you think that the government would actually admit to it?

Romney blames 'gifts' on election loss. Bobby Jindal says: 'Wrong!' - CSMonitor.com

Romney blames 'gifts' on election loss. Bobby Jindal says: 'Wrong!' - CSMonitor.com: "...Jindal continued, “we need to continue to show how our policies help every voter out there achieve the American dream, which is to be in the middle class, which is to be able to give their children an opportunity to be able to get a great education. … "

Better than "just get by", but is the American Dream being reduced to only getting to a certain point? It still sounds a lot like Obama's American Dream.

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